GDPR as a Service

For SaaS and tech companies.

"Rie Aleksandra has the perfect blend of having competence on a very difficult subject and being able to explain the subject matter clearly in a way we understood. We’d hire Rie again, as we know she’s the leader in GDPR compliance for online businesses."

Paul Jarvis
Cofounder of Fathom Analytics

"When we connected with Rie, it was a big sigh of relief. She was motivated from our first conversation to see us not only take steps forward for our customers but relieve the pressure that was building up for our leadership team. Rie is well versed in the legal language of all parts of GDPR and came with an action plan from day 1. The expertise mixed with the ability to execute makes working with Rie an absolute no-brainer."

David Abrams
Co-Founder & CEO of Demio

I'm not here to persuade you

Privacy matters. If I need to explain why, you're in the wrong place.

My role is to give you actionable advice, balancing privacy and data protection issues with running a profitable, sustainable and professional business.

Credible sources

Don't rely on advice in Facebook groups or random blog posts. Cheap advice can quickly become expensive, if you suddenly face fines for not being properly compliant.

Credible help

Take advice from someone who has actually read the legal texts, like the GDPR and ePrivacy directive. Who has spent years on privacy, data protection and security. And who is able to balance the legal requirements with your business needs.

Minimize risks

I don't believe you have to do GDPR A-Z as a seedling or startup. By growth mode, though, start formalizing your efforts. An investment today can save you hefty expenses (and reputational damage) later.

Are we a good fit?

Working together on privacy, data protection and security issues requires transparency and trust. This is how we get there.


Your needs are at the center of our work together. But sometimes it can be difficult to know what these are. You don't know what you don't know, as they say. Before commencing on any project, we'll explore your needs, goals and ambitions.

Let's chat

Lift-off 🚀

We decide to work together and get the nitty-gritty out of the way, like terms and agreeing deliverables. We'll discuss and agree on expectations in a kick-off call. Your compliance journey is on its way!


Together we work towards your goals and ambitions, having an open and honest communication throughout. Congrats, your compliance foundation is on its way to be pretty awesome!

Aspiring or new Founder?

Then you're probably still working around the clock with validating and refining the idea(s), MVPs and building a solid team (perhaps still hunting for your co-founder). Budget is tight, as you're bootstrapping your way to product-market fit.

You can still, and should definitely, get started with privacy and data protection. Having to "retrofit" GDPR requirements can be a real killer for a tech company (and not in a good way). Check out our separate website with free and reasonably priced resources, as we're on a mission to make privacy available for all.


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