GDPR sucks.

But only when you don't have a compliance strategy.

Learn how to leverage the GDPR to your benefit.

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Privacy is global

Inside the EU/EEA

You need to deal with Schrems II and Brexit, map and evaluate data flows, run risk assessments and stay on top of everything GDPR. Perhaps time for an internal audit, too?

Outside the EU/EEA

You're also under the Schrems II thumb and clients from all over the EEA demand information about where you store data, security and safeguards (not to mention new SCCs).

Rian van der Merwe, Postmark

I can finally sleep soundly again. I am so incredibly grateful that we found Rie to help us on our Privacy and GDPR journey. She is knowledgeable, extremely thorough, and a great organizer and communicator. Rie will evaluate your organization with empathy and a deep well of knowledge, and then she will help you systematically address the most important issues you are facing from a Privacy and GDPR perspective.

I cannot stress this enough: hire her immediately.

Megan Chinburg, Help Scout

Throughout the entire process we were impressed with the clarity, velocity, and high degree of organization with which Rie approached the project. I think this might be the most efficient, effective, valuable, and delightful consultant engagement I've ever been a part of.

If you need support navigating the complex and often hair-pullingly frustrating compliance landscape of GDPR, Rie is the one you want to talk to. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Working together

Paul Jarvis, Fathom Analytics

Rie has the perfect blend of having competence on a very difficult subject and being able to explain the subject matter clearly in a way we understood. We know she’s the leader in GDPR compliance for online businesses.

Christian Skovly,
Foyen-Torkildsen Law Firm

Rie is extremely knowledgeable about the requirements of privacy law, to a level beyond many attorneys and "GDPR experts". She has a genuine passion for the field, outstanding project management abilities and is able to package GDPR into a digestible matter. I give Rie my highest recommendation.

David Abrams, Demio (Banzai)

When we connected with Rie, it was a big sigh of relief. Rie is well versed in the legal language of all parts of GDPR and came with an action plan from day 1. The expertise mixed with the ability to execute makes working with Rie an absolute no-brainer.

Working together

Ståle Mørch, University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Rie professionally and efficiently lead and facilitated a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for our digital transformation project at Kristiania University College, ensured all relevant parties were involved and challenged us along the way.

Rie also made certain that the experience and processes were thoroughly instilled in our organization, so that we could conduct future DPIA’s on our own. This focus on knowledge transfer is essential to control external consulting costs and to empower employees. I can only say; get Rie involved if want to manage privacy and data protection issues with a strategic advisor on board.

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